mid-range package

Program description

The first six weeks can be some of the most challenging as new parents are thrust into a world with which many have very little practical experience. Baby is adjusting to life outside of the womb, feeding frequently and often fussy for reasons unknown. Additional challenges are the lack of sleep, any lingering discomfort from childbirth, and acquiring the new skill of breast or bottle feeding. Diapering, swaddling, burping, bathing, feeding, dressing your baby (and much more) are skills you will acquire with Caroline's knowledgeable, calm and non-judgmental support. Many new skills will be acquired and the groundwork laid for future thriving of your baby and your new family. Allow your entree to parenthood to be a positive, uplifting and confidence-inspiring one.

Words cannot express the positive impact you had on our household during a very stressful time. You gave us endless support and invaluable advice. Somehow, you created a calm environment that was based on having empathy for mom, dad and baby.
— Hanieh Rad, San Francisco, CA
Imagine all of the concern, fear and uneasiness associated with becoming a new parent melting away. Imagine feeling 100% confident that you will have all the answers you need. All that and more is what working with Caroline does for new parents.
— David Spisack, San Francisco, CA


Caroline removed the anxiety of not knowing what to do and made sure my husband and I were in as rested and relaxed a state of mind as possible so that we could truly enjoy parenthood and feel encouraged and empowered.
— Eva Green, Berkeley, CA
Every day that Caroline is there is an infinitely better one. Plus she sets us up for success on the days in between and is always available via text for tips and suggestions or to celebrate little victories — the successful stroller walk, the baby pooping after a couple days having not, etc. I’ve spent money on great homes, world-class education and myriad personal development. The money I invested in Caroline to help our new family is some of the best I’ve ever spent. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I consider myself very blessed that we had the opportunity to help us out in the first months of my baby’s life. I consider myself very blessed that we had the opportunity to hire her help us out in the first months of my baby’s life. They were infinitely better because of it.
— Liz Stinson, Menlo Park, CA
  • 3 days/week, 6 hrs/day

  • Material that will be covered includes: 

    • Handling visitors in a way that supports your family
    • Emotional support during this hugely transformative time
    • Engaging/properly stimulating your baby
    • Developmental activities for your baby, including tummy time
    • Sleep-related
      • Advice on long-term sleep
      • Support for establishing positive sleep habits
      • How and when to put your baby to sleep
    • How to interact with your child at this stage
    • Getting on the road to positive co-parenting
    • Gear: Stroller, car seat
    • Outings: Going to the doctor, the grocery store
    • How to handle fussiness
    • Sponge baths and regular baths 
    • How to dress your baby
    • How to hold your baby
    • Swaddling: when and how to do it
    • Soothing: techniques and tools for calming your baby
    • Diapering: stocking your changing table and diaper bag
    • Feeding (breast or bottle): latching, finding a feeding position that works, nipple shields, burping, pumping