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Program description

The best gift you can give yourself and your baby as you come home from the hospital together to begin your new life. Imagine having an expert in newborn care by your side as you navigate the challenges of early parenthood. Caroline supports you as you grow in capabilities and confidence one day at a time. This comprehensive program includes on-call support from Caroline who will be available via phone, text or email outside of the hours she's working with your family in your home.

My husband was at first hesitant. He was concerned about the cost and wasn’t certain it was something we really needed. After just one week, however, he not only understood the value that Caroline could bring but also wondered why she didn’t charge more.
— Hanieh Rad and David Spisack, San Francisco, CA
Caroline was our postpartum doula for six months. She helped take care of our newborn twins from the day they came home from the hospital, and although she is no longer coming to our home, in many ways she is still “taking care” of us all through her ongoing advice and wisdom. Caroline was a breath of fresh air, full of competency, calmness and care when we needed it most. She surpassed our hopes and expectations in the way she was able to educate my husband, our families, and me through our babies’ major developmental phases. Today, Caroline is a valued friend and advisor as our babies develop into strong, energetic little boys. We simply adored working with Caroline, and we recommend her to anyone who seeks to have the very best care possible for themselves and their baby.
— Eva Green, Berkeley, CA
The first 12 weeks of your baby’s life don’t have to be a miserable struggle – they can be a joyful and wonderful time during which you confidently acquire the skills and aptitudes necessary to give your baby the best start in life. I know this for a fact because that’s what they were like for me. A total dream and very enjoyable, in spite of the standard baby fussing and all the challenges of becoming a first-time parent – plus I’m single, so doing it alone. I had Caroline help me and had such a positive experience even when things were tough. Made all the difference. She helped me be the parent I wanted to be. Working with Caroline is the best gift you can give yourself and your baby.
— Liz Stinson, Menlo Park, CA



  • Weeks 1 - 4: Getting Settled at Home

    • 4 days/week, 6 hrs/day
    • You will develop mastery in:
      • Feeding (breast or bottle): latching, finding a feeding position that works, nipple shields, burping
      • Diapering: stocking your changing table and diaper bag
      • Soothing: techniques and tools for calming your baby
      • Swaddling: when and how to do it
      • How to hold your baby
      • How to dress your baby
      • Sponge baths and regular baths 
      • Outings: Going to the doctor, the grocery store
      • Gear: Stroller, car seat
      • Getting on the road to positive co-parenting
      • Emotional support during this hugely transformative time
      • Handling visitors in a way that supports your family
      • How to interact with your child at this stage
  • Weeks 5-8: Finding a Daily Rhythm

    • 3 days/week, 6 hrs/day
    • You will develop mastery in:
      • Beginning to settle on a daily rhythm
      • Pumping, bottle feeding
      • How and when to put your baby to sleep
      • Developmental activities for your baby, including tummy time
      • Engaging/properly stimulating your baby
      • How to interact with your child at this stage
      • How to handle fussiness
      • Blending parenting styles
      • Support in navigating long-term childcare
      • Identifying growth spurts and strategies for best responding to them
      • Preparing for your child's vaccines
  • Weeks 9-12: Establishing Good Sleep Habits

    • 2 days/week, 6 hrs/day
    • You will develop mastery in:
      • Solidifying your development from weeks 1 thru 8
      • Sleep training/napping
      • Preparing to go back to work, if applicable
      • Support in navigating long-term childcare
      • How to interact with your child at this stage
      • Support in traveling and planning trips