Caroline has been calming babies with her soothing Irish brogue since she traveled from Ireland in 1994 to work as a nanny in New York and then in San Francisco. For over 20 years she has lived and breathed all things baby. She is a certified Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator and Sleep Consultant and has worked with families throughout the SF Bay Area (Berkeley, Marin, San Francisco, Burlingame, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View). As an in-home Parent Coach, she addresses sleep and breast- or bottle-feeding, along with day-to-day scheduling, care, and family adjustments.

Caroline works with parents on the following and more:

I had learned about the huge difference having a doula could make but my husband was at first hesitant. He was concerned about the cost and wasn’t certain it was something we really needed. After just 1 week he not only understood the value she could bring - he wondered why she didn’t cost more!
— Hanieh Rad, San Francisco, CA
Imagine all of the concern, fear and uneasiness associated with becoming a new parent melting away. Imagine feeling 100% confident that you will have all the answers you need. All that and more is what working with Caroline does for new parents.
— David Spisack, San Francisco, CA
Caroline helps new parents overcome and handle challenges with a kind and confident approach. She is an expert in her field, has a warm way with babies, and is invested in your family’s success.
— Eva Green, Berkeley, CA
Every day that Caroline is there is an infinitely better one. Plus she sets us up for success on the days in between and is always available via text for tips and suggestions or to celebrate little victories — the successful stroller walk, the baby pooping after a couple days having not, etc. I’ve spent money on great homes, world-class education and myriad personal development. The money I invested in Caroline to help our new family is some of the best I’ve ever spent. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I consider myself very blessed that we had the opportunity to help us out in the first months of my baby’s life. I consider myself very blessed that we had the opportunity to hire her help us out in the first months of my baby’s life. They were infinitely better because of it.
— Liz Stinson, Menlo Park, CA
  • Advising parents (or parents-to-be) on products and gear
  • Setting up the nursery
  • Stocking and preparing your changing table
  • Checking in with you during your postpartum stay 
  • Coming home from the hospital
  • Feeding, Breast or Bottle
    • Use and care of Breast Pump
    • Bottle and pump hygiene
    • Breast milk storage
    • How to make formula
  • Diapering
  • Burping
  • Dressing
  • Bathing (sponge and regular)
    • How to hold your baby
    • Water temperature
    • Use of soap
    • Duration
    • Post-bath techniques
    • Infant massage
  • Swaddling
  • Various techniques for soothing and calming your baby
  • Sleep training
    • When to use a crib, when to use a bassinet
    • How to help your baby to sleep
    • Duration of awake time, duration of sleep time
    • Your baby's sleep cues (how to tell when your baby is tired)
    • Napping: where to nap, when to nap
    • Establishing a consistent bed time and routine
    • Helping to extend baby's night time sleep duration
    • Setting positive habits as early as 6 weeks
  • Going out into the world
    • Use of the car seat, strollers, carriers
    • Preparing for and planning a successful outing
    • Stocking and supplying your diaper bag
    • Your first trip to the grocery store
    • Going to the pediatrician's office
  • Returning to work
    • Building a breast milk supply
    • Establishing sustainable sleep patterns
    • Childcare arrangements
    • Modified routines
    • The emotional adjustment
  • Traveling
    • Planning your trip: timelines and logistics
    • What to bring and more importantly what not to bring
    • Successful road trips and flights
    • Making accommodations work for you and your baby

Caroline helps new parents to co parent and how to navigate through all of the outside advice from well meaning people.